Sir Ian McKellen ‘Euphoric’ After Being Vaccinated

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The 81-year-old “Lord Of The Rings” star Sir Ian McKellen has stated he feels “euphoric” after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. McKellen further stated that the whole ordeal was “painless” on Dec. 16, 2020.

Anyone who has lived as long as I have is alive because they have had previous vaccinations, the take up amongst the older generation will be 100%.

McKellen added that people are not just taking the vaccine for themselves, “but for people who you are close to – you’re doing your bit for society.” The man who played Gandalf said he would recommend everyone to get the vaccine.

Feeling ‘Euphoric’ After Being Vaccinated

He feels extremely “lucky” to be able to take the vaccine.  The actor was vaccinated in London at the Queen Mary’s University Hospital.  Vaccines began rolling out in the United Kingdom on December 10. They started with healthcare workers, the elderly, and people living in assistant living homes.

In 21 days the people who received the Pfizer vaccine will get a booster shot. Thus ensuring they have been fully protected against COVID-19.

McKellenMcKellen is one of the thousands of people over the age of 80. This is why he was able to be one of the lucky people to receive the vaccine so early in the release.

The star was photographed as he was being injected with the vaccine. After which McKellen stated that he wished he could “give them all a big hug.”

McKellen said that Wednesday was “a special day.” He is not the only British celebrity to fall into the tier one category to receive the vaccine first.

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith and Marty Wilde — rock and roll star — also shared the news they had gotten the vaccine. Leith tweeted about his shot on December 15.

Who wouldn’t want immunity from #Covid19 with a painless jab?

Many countries have been working hard to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine for their constituents. Lots of people have been eagerly waiting for their chance to receive this possibly life-saving vaccine.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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