$25,000 for Any Information Leading to Arrest of Torturers

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Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers is offering a sum of $25,000 for information of men who got away with stealing a family’s car keys, cellphones, cash, and jewelry from their home in Houston, Texas.

To obtain these items, the perpetrators repeatedly tried to drown a young boy in the bathtub filled with hot water after hitting the father numerous times with a pistol, demanding to know where their money was.

Officials believe the father was a target because of his small business.

On June 26, 2018, several neighborhood surveillance cameras around the house show the three masked men entering the house, and a fourth was seen waiting outside as getaway driver. One of the men was last seen wearing a black vintage Air Jordan hoodie with “Jordan” spelled out in black letters on distinctive white sleeves, another man seen wearing red Nike Air Jordan sneakers.

The suspects broke into the house while the family, two adults and three children, was sleeping. To convince the parents to tell them the location of all their valuables, the criminals used the children as a provocation measure.

The videotape of the incident, described as chilling, there is clear audio of the boy screaming along with his family members before being silenced as his entire body is submerged under the scalding water again. It is estimated that the men were inside the home for up to 40 minutes before leaving.

After successfully ransacking, the house the criminals left home with the families items. The father and the boy were then taken to an urgent care center in Richmond. Police confirmed, although the water was at its hottest it did not burn the child, and he was treated for the excess water in his lungs.

Reports indicate there were no life-threatening injuries. Further information on the child’s physical health has not been released.

In response to the violent home invasion, Fort Bend County Sherrif Troy Nehls promised citizens, “We will stop at nothing to apprehend these sickos, and we need the public’s help.”

Nehls increased the reward from $20,000 to $25,000 claiming that this attack was the “worst kind of crime against a family.”

As of July 9, the suspects have not been caught it is advised that anyone with informational tips to disclose about the men involved are encouraged to call 281-342-8477.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Cathy Milne


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