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Social media strategists work with companies on driving new customers, advertising, and marketing on all media sites.

In an eight-hour day, a social media strategist can do so much, such as post new content, bring information from a website to social media platforms to bring views to the company’s site, and this can be internally or externally. The strategist’s plan, write, and publish posts for the company. The strategist can even schedule the post ahead of time, so there will be a set amount of posts for a period of time using the information retained from the site.

Other things a social media strategist does includes, advertising new product, using polls to understand what kind of customers the company is dealing with, and what they like most about the company. Keeping up with new trends from the company to post all the time helps to engage with customers new and old. The company can have a group of people that work on the site but do not have enough time to post all of this content on the social media platforms. The strategist can sit down and go through the site’s new content and see what is attention-grabbing to post for engaging purposes and what would be good for advertising.

Social media strategists start with a marketing plan. They can show a company everything that will be done, in a specific time frame, with the goal of obtaining new and maintaining current customers. Having a plan that is well thought out, specifically for the company, can show that the strategist knows what is necessary to engage customers and keep that focused attention. Analytics, proof that a plan works, is something the strategist can fall back on to say that their work is thorough, and it has been done before with great results.

Also, the strategist has to build a close relationship with the company to be able to know and truly understand all that is essential to the needs of the company. It is also important to build relationships with potential customers. Direct topics can bring in a certain type of consumer who may be different from the normal consumer base, but easier to pursue with a post that is more relative and open to conversation. This helps leave room for great customer service reviews.

The social media strategist makes the rules. They control the way the content is perceived online and know how the customer is going to retain the information. The strategist knows the appropriate time to post for certain audiences, depending on the product and the age range, particular time periods will peak at higher frequencies compared to others.

For example, if there is a hair and beauty business that needs a social media strategist, they would need to know how to work a social media outlet to drive and engage customers. Also, using mass posting sites to condense time on postings instead of doing it manually site by site. Photoshop skills are important also. These skills can help make a picture more appealing to a customer, draw their attention, or even redirect the focus at hand but keep the predetermined objective.

More key skills include knowing how to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. The social media strategist would need to create a post every time there was a new product released, and sometimes there would need to be a detailed post if there are variations of one product.

Specials for holidays would need to be posted at least 4-6 times throughout the day and during peak times. Using mass posting sites like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and Buffer can help the strategist post to multiple sites at one time. This will minimize the amount of time used to post content on one social media outlet.

Photoshop is important and can help with online engagement. A hooking color palette or even just vibrancy in color attracts the eyes and can make something that looks plain stand out. Using professional pictures for promotional use or even just for direction on the site is important. It can make or break the way customers perceive and shop with the company.

Social media strategists are essential when marketing online and building a customer base via social media. Although some people can do it on their own, allowing someone who is trained and certified to do these specific things can give the company higher quality results swiftly.

Written by Khora Jackson
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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Featured Image Courtesy of Geralt’s Pixabay Page – Creative Commons License


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