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Alec Baldwin Wins Emmy for His ‘SNL’ Donald Trump Impersonation [Video]


Little did Donald Trump know when he won the presidency that he would win an Emmy. Actually, Alec Baldwin won the award for his impersonation of him. The comedian joined “Saturday Night Live” during the election specifically to spoof the candidate.

Baldwin was honored with the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series trophy at the 69th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017.  The comedian opened his acceptance speech saying that the award for Trump.

Entertainment Weekly stated his remark was likely based on Steven Colbert’s opening monologue where he jokingly called out Hollywood for not giving Trump an Emmy when “The Apprentice” was nominated. Colbert continued his jest by adding that he might not have run for the presidency if he had won.

After thanking his wife, children, and fellow Hollywood folk, Baldwin reminded those in the audience of the importance their work holds. He recalled that he was once told that when a person dies they do not remember the political arena; not Congress, the Supreme Court, or a speech made by the president. What you do recall is a song, a movie, or a performer. Then he called on Hollywood to continue doing what they do because the audience is depending on them.

Baldwin joked about the fact that he and his wife had three children in as many years. However, during his recent tenure at “SNL” they did not. He added that perhaps the best birth control was putting on an orange wig.

One post on Twitter congratulated Baldwin for winning the award playing the man who could not win his own Emmy. Most posts were gracious. A co-founder of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, Steve Dworkin, thanked the comedian for helping to keep “us sane” performing his impression. Another person posted a query:

How long with it take trump to shoot off an angry tweet WHEN Alec Baldwin wins the Emmy for portraying him?

A parody Twitter account called @RealDonaldTrFan wrote:

Alec Baldwin won an # for his SNL impressions of me! NOT FAIR! He made me look like an idiot & I do that much better than he can!

Even though Baldwin is not a cast member, he qualified for the Emmy nomination due to his appearances in 15 of the 21 episodes of “SNL’s” Season 42. Based on the Academy’s rules a supporting actor must appear in at least half of a program’s episodes in one season, according to Vulture.

Season 43 will once again be a platform for the comedian to entertain audiences with his rendition of Trump’s persona. Baldwin overexaggerates the president’s body language, his unusual speech patterns, and uses overly pursed lips to create a character that keeps viewers rolling with laughter.

One fan laughed when trying to find the right words to explain Baldwin’s performance. He ended up saying that the Emmy winner was absolutely hilarious and his rendition of Trump was over the top!

The show, itself, won an Emmy for Best Variety Sketch Series for the third time. A photo production intern at NBC Universal congratulated “SNL” on FaceBook. Ralph Bavaro wrote:

To be apart of one of the most historic seasons of one of my favorite TV shows, is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

The News School congratulates all of the winners at the 69th Annual Emmy Awards.

By Cathy Milne


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