Amazon Plans a Big Distribution Close to Chicago

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Amazon is deciding to bulk up a little more since the company is making plans to open up at least three more distribution centers. One of the three stores will be located in the previous Maywood Park horse track center (located in Illinois). Once this is built, Chicago will have the biggest distribution center only less than 2 miles from the city. This could be a great investment for Amazon because they would like to ship out packages at a faster rate. Within 3 to 4 years, the organization has opened at least 20 stores and warehouse facilities around the whole world. The largest facility is 1 million square feet and is located in Aurora, Illinois. Amazon has been consistently populating many suburban areas with a series of smaller warehouses.┬áIn September, Amazon confirmed that the company signed a 237,000-square-foot lease for a distribution center in Skokie, Illinois. There are almost 11,000 workers currently working at Amazon in Illinois and they all full time. This company has been around since 1994. Once, the company did not make any profit in four years; however, once they passed the dry spell money rolled in and the revenue has not stopped. As of this year, Amazon’s net worth is worth $1 Trillion, which means they have gained $280 billion dollars in revenue in over one year, and is now one of the biggest companies to operate.

Written by: Charles Lott

Edited by: Jakiria M. Williams


Crian’s Chicago Business: Amazon Plans Large Distribution Center Near Chicago

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