America Prepares for Civil Unrest Ahead of Election Results [Video]

civil unrest
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civil unrest

Store owners around the United States are boarding up their windows to prepare for riots, violent protests, and civil unrest that many fear will increase after the Presidental Election on Nov. 3, 2020. One reason for this concern is Donald Trump’s fabricated exaggerations about election fraud.

During a rally on Sunday, November 1, President Trump announced that as soon as the election is over on the 3rd, he would be sending his lawyers to review the ballot tallying in states he needs to win to secure his re-election — North Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

As Election Day approaches, anxiety, distrust, and suspicion continue to run high. “Activists and extremists on both the right and left are worried the other side will somehow steal the election, and they’re making plans for what to do if they believe that’s happening,” reports Joel Rose for NPR.

Earlier in the week, a Trump advisor baselessly claimed the Democrats are planning to steal the election, further igniting the ever-increasing civil unrest in America. Trump’s advisors, press secretary, children, son-in-law, and Republican politicians continue to repeat the election is rigged due to the mail-in ballots.

As for Democrats, Joe Biden repeatedly states Trump’s attempts to steal the election will be thwarted. Still, the concern lingers as political theorists emphatically warn the president’s rhetoric is cause for concern.

The level of civil unrest in the country is reflected in the significant increase in gun sales.  Retailers around then nation have seen a 60 percent jump in purchases over last year’s numbers.

Glen Duncan, the owner of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Michigan, says this year is unlike any other as he has sold two year’s inventory in the past seven months. He says the mood is apocalyptic.

As a precautionary measure to discourage civil unrest and looting, Walmart removed firearms and ammunition off its shelves “for the safety of our associates and customers.” The company made this decision to dissuade theft if the stores are vandalized during protests.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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