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Thanks to President Donald Trump, the number of unethical Congress members is diminishing. As promised, the swamp is being drained.

For generations, Washington D.C. has been overrun with career politicians who do not care about or understand what is best for America. The needs of the people are not their focus. Instead, they choose to forward their personal agendas.

Now, voters will be able to place someone in office who is not only younger but more in touch with today’s societal norms and expectations.

Two Factors Helping to Drain the Swamp

The accusations of sexual harassment; inappropriate or unwanted physical contact; and downright sexual assault have caused many to resign. Allegations have affected Democrat and Republican parties. Some of those affected by the influx of charges are:

  • President Donald J. Trump – Republican
  • Sen. Al Franken – Democrat
  • Rep. John Conyers – Democrat
  • Rep. Blake Farenthold – Republican
  • Rep. Ruben Kihuen – Democrat
  • Rep. Trent Franks – Republican
  • Sen. Jack Latvala – Republican
  • Rep. Dan Johnson – Republican
  • Florida State Rep. Jack Latvala – Republican
  • Dwayne Duron Marshall, chief of staff for Rep. Brenda Lawrence – Democrat

The number of accused celebrities, athletes, CEOs, and politicians increased due to the #MeToo movement. It is likely that more accusations will be made since victims have been emboldened by others’ proclamations.

A secret shush fund used to pay off of sexual assault by Congress members was uncovered. While the names of those taking advantage of the hush money have not been fully disclosed, what was revealed is tax-payer dollars were used to hide their indiscretions. In 2014, Representatives Conyers and Farenthold reportedly used this fund to silence their accusers to the tune of $111,000.

Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting accountability, ethics, and transparency in government and civic arenas, states, these “unknown members of Congress who are tied to sexual harassment settlement funds” are the No. 1 ethics violaters in 2017.

In November, FACT requested the names of those

connected to the $17 million in taxpayer funds that the Office of Compliance (OOC) has paid out to victims of sexual harassment and other forms of harassment and discrimination over the past 20 years.

Every minute those names remain secret is another minute that our elected officials are not being held accountable for their reprehensible behavior.

While #MeToo has helped, there may be an exodus due to the way the so-called Republican president is running America into the ground. It is possible Congress members will choose to refrain from seeking re-election because of the embarrassment of being associated with Trump’s GOP.

What About President Trump?

Donald Trump identifies as a Republican but does not hold its traditional values. He is hell-bent on undoing any predecessors achievements, especially those of former President Barack Obama, at the cost of the American people.

His hatred is spread across social media daily. The world is privy to his irrational and erratic behavior via his Twitter feed — @RealDonaldTrump. He is no longer welcome in the U.K.

During the decisive 2016 election, Trump was accused by at least 13 women of harassment ranging from rape to lewd acts. Naturally, he denies the charges and, in some cases, claims not to know who these accusers are.

It is extremely likely that the women who came forward are to be thanked for the #MeToo movement. Since then, America has witnessed resignations, firings, and one suicide after allegations were made against Representatives, Senators, TV/film celebrities, and others.

But what about President Trump? He must be held accountable for his crimes. The answer is his immediate resignation. That would be the first move to fulfill Trump’s campaign slogan of making America great again.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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