Americans on Quarantined Ship in Japan to Be Evacuated

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americansThe U.S. State Department announced they plan to evacuate the Americans quarantined in Japan’s harbor. The department will be sending charter planes to bring them home, according to NPR.

On Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020, the U.S. Embassy in Tokoyo notified the U.S. citizens aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship to advise them of the “planned extraction from Japan,” which is planned for later this evening or tomorrow.

Unfortunately, once they are liberated they will be detained once again. All of the American passengers from the ship will be subjected to 14 days of quarantine to ensure none are infected with COVID-19. They will be staying in either Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas or Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California.

Approximately 400 passengers of the ship are Americans who have been quarantined since February 4. Upon hearing they will be sequestrated once they reach the United States, on passenger complained. Karey Maniscalco told NBC via Skype that she did nothing wrong and feels as though she is a prisoner.

Her logic is eschewed since 286 or the 930 passengers have tested positive for COVID-19 according to the Japanese Health Minister. Therefore, she has been exposed to the virus. Since this is a Global Health Crisis, it is logical that anyone coming into the United States will be subject to quarantine.

In the notification to the U.S. Embassy in Tokoyo the  U. S. State Department indicated that all of those disembarking will be tested. If someone is symptomatic, they will not be allowed to board the bus that will take the Americans to the plane.

At least one American is hospitalized in Japan after testing positive for COVID-19.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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