Americans Support Civilian Power

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There are about two-thirds of Americans that support giving civilians power to sue the police. It is said that the police are not using proper force towards the people. This argument was sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis when a police officer placed his knee on to Floyd’s neck.

The whole time the officer had his knee on his neck he kept informing the police that he could breathe. There has been a decline in police support for the last four years considering all the police brutality that has been going on.

There was a solid 58 percent of people that agreed that the police are doing right by stopping the crime that is going on. However, that has already dropped four percent since the year 2016.

There is more of a decline in other categories where the police are not doing right such as:

  • Using the right amount of force;
  • Treating racial and ethnic groups equally;
  • And holding officers accountable for misconduct.

Which are categories where there have been lives lost due to police actions? These made the police drop 10 percent just leaving them with one-third of the Americans giving them positive feedback.

Two-thirds of white adults feel that the police are doing appropriate actions with helping the public while only 28 percent of blacks agreed that the police are doing an excellent job protecting the public. While 89 percent of Republicans see the police are treating each race group equally while only 10 percent democrat agrees.

Written By: Jordan Fenderson

Edited by Sheena Robertson

Sources: George Floyd: Pew survey on US attitudes to police reveals changes

Top and Featured Image Courtesy to Cristian Ramírez’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons Licenses


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