Apple Expands Self Service Repair Options

Self Service Repair
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Self Service Repair
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Good news for Apple users the company is expanding its Self Service Repair options tomorrow. People will be able to order genuine Apple tools, manuals, and parts for their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks that are in the M1 chip family. Earlier this year the company launched the Self Service Repair program for its iPhones.

The program allows MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users the ability to repair more than a dozen types of issues for each model, including the top case with battery, trackpad, and display.  Apple plans on adding more to the list of items that users will be able to repair themselves.

Anyone who is experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices, like the iPhone and MacBook notebooks, will be able to complete these repairs with access to many of the same tools and parts available to Apple Authorized Service Providers and the company store locations.

Self Service Repair
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Customers need to first check out the repair manual on the company’s support sites for the item they wish to fix. After which they can go to the Apple Self Service Repair Store and order the necessary tools and parts.

Each part made by the company is engineered and designed specifically for the devices. The parts are then extensively tested to ensure the highest safety, quality, and reliability will be offered to customers. Apple users can mail the replaced parts back to the company for recycling and refurbishment. In many cases, the customer will receive a credit for their purchase by sending the old part in.

The tools are custom designed to help ensure the products are fixed properly. They are also engineered to withstand the ordeal of high-volume, professional repair businesses where reliability and safety are essential.

Apple customers who are utilizing Self Service Repair can opt into renting the tools needed for $49 instead of buying the tools outright. The company offers the repair kits for one week with free shipping.

The Self Service Repair program is one of the ways the company is using to help expand access to product repairs. Customers who are not familiar with the intricacies of electronic devices should seek professional help to ensure their devices are fixed properly.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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