Apple Watch Saves Woman From Fatal ‘Widow Maker’ Heart Attack

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Michigan native, Diane Feenstra, had a very interesting day as she did not know she was having a heart attack until her Apple watch had warned her of her heart rate in April, as reported by WCCF TECH on July 6, 2021.

Feenstra was given an Apple Watch for her birthday by her husband. As good as it sounds, she had no idea that her watch will save her life. Feenstra was at work like any other day. However, when she starts walking up the stairs, her Apple watch had warned her that her heart rate was at 169 beats per minute. She states that her heart rate was simulating that she was doing vigorous exercises.

Symptoms of a heart attack vary between males and females. The way males experience heart attack symptoms is described as if an elephant was on their chest and start to experience chest Applepains. Women’s symptoms are different, and to prove that, Feenstra had symptoms such as swelling in her left foot, indigestion, and shoulder pain. As Feenstra was getting anxious about her symptoms, she went to the emergency room.

As Feenstra was given Aspirin, doctors confirmed she did have a heart attack. After further examination, doctors stated that she had a blockage on the “widowmaker artery”(or the left anterior descending artery), which was surgically repaired later that day. Without the watch notifying Feenstra that her heart rate was elevating rapidly, she could’ve suffered a fatal heart attack before her symptoms, not signaling a heart attack.

Apple made vast technological advances these past few years. The accomplishments made by Apple and its work are exemplary of what the future has in store for us all. From the newest iPhone update to new microchips, their investment in the world is unique before its competitors like Microsoft and Google. As Feenstra was saved by the watch, she has a message that everyone should get an Apple Watch. It could save someone’s life someday.

Written by Darryl Johnson Jr.
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


WCCF TECH: Apple Watch Saves Life of a Woman by Detecting the ‘Widow Maker’ Heart Attack, Which Was Not Felt by the Wearer; by Omar Sohail

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Bob Jouy’s Flickr Page-Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of The University of Dundee’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License


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