Armoni Von Kelly Bio

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In February 1991, Armoni Von Kelly was welcomed into the world. He was raised in Illinois’ controversial “West-Side of Chicago.” He loved staying to himself — as an only child could— but has had many interactions with the folk of the city, which helped develop insight including the real side of the city; the side whose people rarely have a voice.

Armoni has had the luxury of living all over Chicago in his formative years — about 13 different schools and 12 different abodes; excluding dormitories. He has had a healthy dose of the culture of a city that has been ranked the most segregated in the United States.

After graduating from Lincoln Park High School, he turned his attention to music engineering. Even as a child, he always found intrigue in what went on behind the scenes.

In 2019, graduating from Columbia College Chicago, he realized he now has the skill to pursue his passions of becoming a well-renowned, exalted, and revered music producer of the 2020s, and of course, a top journalist on the side.

Written by Armoni Kelly

Image Courtesy of Zsa Zsa – Used With Permission


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