‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review [Spoiler Alert]

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This juggernaut of a movie lasted for exactly two hours and 40 minutes. After the credits there was an hidden cut scene. In those few hours “Avengers Infinity War” was very predictable, but even knowing about the movie beforehand, one could not help but be immersed and engaged in this film for almost every scene.

Expectedly, “Avengers Infinity War” did something most superhero movies did not: the good guy lost. This film was far more concentrated on the main antagonist Thanos. He is an evil tyrant that is burdened with an sad back story. In the past, his people were on the verge of being extinct due to the fact they were running low on resources needed to survive. Thanos spoke with the leaders of his planet hoping they would consider his plan to kill half the population on planet Titan, but they disagreed and the people of Titan became no more with Thanos being the only the survivor.

With a feeling of helplessness, he goes on a quest that leads him to only one decision: to eradicate half of life in the entire universe, so that everyone still alive can live peacefully and not worry about if there is enough resources to survive. With the Avenger heroes at their best, Thanos still over powers them with his control over the infinity stones. The infinity stones are relics from the beginning of the universe. There where six stones spread across the universe when the Big Bang occurred. Each stone controls a fragment of the universe:reality, time, soul, mind, power, and space. With all of these stones, he could make anything happen with the snap of his fingers. If a person is only seeing bits and pieces of the comic they can tell this is far from over.

Thor’s Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker, the ax Thor acquired in “Avengers Infinity War,” was originally the ax of an alien named Beta Ray Bill. You can ask yourself; How does an non-Asgardian get the power of Thor? Well, in Thor comics volume 22, Beta was introduced as one of many characters who can pick up and wield Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, and being able to do so, Odin mistakes him for Thor. Nevertheless, in the end it is seen that he was worthy enough for his own weapon. This is when Stormbreaker was forged for Beta Ray Bill.

The Last Cut Scene

In the very last scene of “Avengers Infinity War,” they showed Nick Fury while the people of Earth were dying, even he himself turned to ash. Before he died, he sent out a distress signal that was clearly for Captain Marvel, although, it only showed his symbol, good fans would quickly recognize it and know to expect his appearance in the next “Avengers Infinity War.”

Hulk Afraid

Although seeing Bruce Banner actually battle and fight using the Hulk buster was pretty cool, the actual Hulk would have made more of an impact. Banner barely knew how to control the Hulk buster but why did the Hulk not come out? If you were initially the strongest person alive and someone completely overpowered you and beat you badly how would you feel? Knowing that Hulk is simple and straight forward, he would only have one mind set: I cannot beat him; it is over. Seeing after this point, every time Banner would try to access the Hulk, half of his face would turn green and the Hulk would scream, “No,” so one can only presume so much.

By Devon McClain
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Image Courtesy of William Tung’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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