Barbara Streisand Gifts Gigi Floyd Disney Stocks and 2 Albums

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Barbara Streisand has made George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Gigi, a Disney shareholder through a package Streisand sent to her. Streisand also gifted the little girl a copy of two of her albums in addition to the Disney stocks: “My Name is Barbra” (1965) and “Color Me Barbra” (1966).

The package comes after previous reports that Kanye West created a 529 college savings plan, and Texas Southern University created a fund to provide Gigi a full scholarship. The Floyds also have a GoFundMe account that has raised more than $2.1 million and counting.

Additionally, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority granted the young girl, as well as Floyd’s grandchildren Taleiaha and Journi, a full scholarship to matriculate the historically black college of their choice.

Gigi also has a new Instagram account which she uses to speak against the death of her father (ie: a post with a turquoise background stating, “Stop Killing Our Fathers” in large block letters) and police brutality. Well-wishers included Michelle Obama, Oprah, and several other celebrities.

Gianna thanked Streisand for the gift through Instagram. She posted a photo of Gigi holding up the typed letter. The six-year-old thanked the legendary entertainer, “Thank You @barbrastreisand for my package, I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you.” 

Here is the projected outlook on what the Floyd family is set to make through the Disney stock shares over the years:

A recent CNBC report estimated that an investment of $1,000 in Disney a decade ago would be worth more than $4,600 as of February 2020 for a total return of around 370 percent. Also, the Walt Disney Company is known for a solid return on investments. The solid investment return on the two albums is reported to be priceless.

The Floyds should be financially secure. 

Besides financial stability and guaranteed college education for Gigi, she also has the support of her father’s friends during this time of grief. In a now-viral clip shared by former NBA player and Floyd’s friend Stephen Jackson, the child sitting on Jackson’s shoulders with her arms outstretched announcing, “Daddy changed the world.”

By Alexander Campbell


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Image by CBS Television Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons – Creative Commons License


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