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Usually, social media would relate to how others would use the platforms to keep up with trends, friends, and just general interests. Social media was nothing more than for the personal entertainment.

But now it is serving a much different purpose in how users build their career and reputation. In a way, it has begun a new way to participate in a beneficial and interesting career ever since the 2000s, but it was easily overlooked as an unconventional method of success. Now, as times and views progress, so does the determination of others in their attempts at reinventing ways to leverage their number of professional contacts.

From using the social network for job searching to starting a freelance entrepreneurship from the ground up, social media brands are now used to showcase inspiring and creative work for the public.

For instance, if a young man was looking to show off his potential art talents, he would seek to create a personal website or even account on another social media platform. By creating a social media presence, he can post samples of his work and receive unbiased feedback and constructive criticism, a good method when looking to make his own brand.

When first joining a social media platform it can be overwhelming. The prospect of finding and building a network of followers along with obtaining recognition for work will start off, almost always, as a slow process. For those that have succeeded through social media, it has always been a process that required hard work and motivation to keep going when the first few weeks of trying gain less than desirable results.

It is recommended then to try and grow at a comfortable pace, so that it is possible to confront professionals on how to properly manage the social media account.

In some instances, creators will create a campaign or Kickstarter to help their creation. When creating a game or online television series, it is a popular choice to display its potential and ask for donations. To inspire contributors to stay invested in the product, creators would set up a sort of membership where backers can receive gifts and exclusive designs of the artwork/game for their efforts. This way of helping an independent creator with financial support can take up to years in some cases, all the better reason to improve upon their work even as their brand is just in the beginning phases of development.

Although it is a big step to put someone’s work and efforts out into the world in such a method, it is not a negative choice. And brands do not only have to be presented on social media platforms to be new and innovative. Creating media platforms for freelance work and business brands is recommended, mostly because of the convenience and opportunity to make the prospect look appealing to future contributors.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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