Bio of Kenzayla Harris

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My name Is Kenzayla Harris. I’m twenty years old. I am from the graduating class of 2020 from Orr Academy Highschool. I’m now in college and going to Tricoci University.  I’m going to school for cosmetology beauty school and I graduate.

My biggest inspiration is my aunties when they did my hair for a while. My mother didn’t know how to do hair so I’ve been doing my own hair since I was eleven years old. I was forced to learn how to do my own hair by watching YouTube tutorials and practicing doing other’s hair.


I gradually improved as I practiced so when I graduated high school I knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist.  I’m also interested in the nursing field because since I was a young girl I’ve lost a lot of family due to illness and seeing my family in a nursing home. It inspired me to help people.

I’m also interested in sports and drawing and lastly, I like to travel and explore new things and new beginnings and gain knowledge. I joined the news school to help out the community and gain better writing skills and gain more knowledge about the community and outside our community.

Written by Kenzayla Harris


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