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A picture can be depicted in all sorts of ways, and some can be stranger than the others. As seen in a photo of Prince Harry and Melania Trump, it is everything but normal.

On the evening of Saturday, Sept, 23, 2017, Harry was scheduled to be at the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, where the first lady met the Prince of Britain. When they were introduced they politely greeted each other, while smiling for British and American news media before sitting in an adjoining meeting.

Trump spoke at the U.S. Delegation, accompanied by Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, professional golfer Nancy Lopez, and entertainer Wayne Newton. According to first lady spokesperson Stephanie Girsham, this reflected Trump’s respect for the courage and hard work of America’s military.

While Trump and Harry were at the games, they posed for a photo standing together, before their chat. As Trump stood with her arms at her sides, and Harry had his hand tucked into his tuxedo jacket in an unfamiliar position. With his ring and middle finger inserted inside his coat, along with his thumb. He unusually he held his pinky and pointer fingers outside his jacket.

In 2015, at the Invictus Games with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, he was joyful but he still had his hand tucked in his coat.

In the photo of Trump, she reveals an extreme amount of tension. Her eyes look a little closed or slit, which represents tension in her eyes. According to one of the photographers, when Harry poses “he intends to be this or that.”

While in a photo with Michelle Obama, he seems comfortable. holding his hands together, his body language seems more relaxed. However, in the picture with Trump, it looks like Harry is giving some type of warning of evil spirits, according to People.

Some may see this particular evil hand gesture as the “devil’s horn.” Harry gives a Illuminati satanic gesture with Trump, according to Huffington Post. A lot of people have seen world leaders in photographs with Trump and observed self-comfort cues. In the picture of Trump with Harry, it looks like devil’s horn but his hand is on his belly. He is posing like he is giving a comfort cue, showing tension, and needs a protective central core around him.

Others agree, there is an abnormal amount of tension in both pictures. Typically, the prince looks more comfortable and happy in these situations. That interesting gesture does not mean he is the devil, but warning off evil spirits. In most of his pictures, he frequently smiles, he is a cheerful person.

Later that Saturday evening, Harry met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Before he interacted with Trudeau, he joined Trump for a brief conversation. After, their conversation Trump thanked him for coming to meet her at the games.

When Harry poses for pictures, he normally smiles and just seems naturally humble, but in the picture with Trump he is more cautions.

By Montana Scott


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of DoD News – Creative Commons License


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