Canadian Air Travels to Chicago

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In the past two months, Canada has been experiencing many horrible wildfires. More than 400 wildfires have developed due to the dry weather caused by climate change. Climate change is causing these fires to last much longer and damage more areas. The smoke coming from these fires is thick and reaches low to the surface. This smoke is harming the air quality, and it’s traveling to other areas causing it to be hazy in parts of the US like New York, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Smoky Air

Courtesy of Ashley Bree Photography (Flickr CC0)

On Tuesday morning of June 27 in Chicago, the skies began to be coated in the dirty, smoked filled air and a smell of burning plastic began to be noticed. The smoke that is overtaking Chicago’s skies is coming from the current wildfires in Canada. The smoke that is coming from Canada and now smothering other areas at their surface emits greenhouse gasses similar to carbon dioxide, which is a cause of global warming.

The hazardous smoke is already taking a toll on Chicago’s air. In our air, there are particles made up of liquids and solids. These particles, however, are a concern for the air we breathe. The dangerous particles can enter our bloodstream and be threatening to our health.

Particulate Matter

The levels of particulate matter dangerously increased by four times more than typically seen. Chicago’s current state of air quality is very unhealthy. As a result of this, Chicago’s air quality is placed at 258 according to It is recommended that those who have raspatory issues stay indoors to avoid the threatening effects of the Smokey air. Outdoor activities will also be shut down due to this. This dilemma does not seem to be ending soon since the dry season, which is when all these wildfires let loose isn’t predicted to end until October.

Written by Meredith Garcia


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CBS News: Are the Canadian wildfires still burning? Here’s a status update by Kerry Breen

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First Inset Image Courtesy of Ashley Bree Photography’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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