Chicago: 23 People Shot, 2 Fatal, in 12 Hours

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“64 Shot, 13 fatally, in Chicago this weekend”, “Chicago approaches 300 homicides…”, “ In Chicago, 373 people have been killed this year.”. Headline after headline, Chicago hasn’t gone a day without violence.

From 8 p.m., Saturday, July 11 to Sunday, July 12, 8 a.m., 2020, 23 people were shot, two of them were fatal. Six teenagers were among them this weekend.

As gun violence scatters across the city leaving communities left in trauma. Out of the 23 people shot, 5 of them occurred within the same incident, leaving one fatal in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood.

The incident started with a fight amongst a group of men at about 12:45 a.m. Sunday. Which left one victim at age 52, dead at the scene. Two of the other victims (ages 23 and 33), suffered multiple gunshot wounds and are said to be in critical condition at Stroger Hospital. After suffering a gunshot wound to the head and the other one, was shot in the arm; the last two victims, ages 32 and 34, were taken to Norwegian Hospital, where they both have been stabilized.

In the Avalon Park neighborhood on Saturday, 33-year-old “Kearra Thomas” was shot dead, whilst coming together to ‘Remember’ the life of a friend, whose life was also taken due to gun violence two years ago in the same neighborhood. Two other females were also wounded. By Sunday evening, friends and family had already created a memorial for the victim; Kearra Thomas.

Written by Doneisha Jackson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


Chicago Tribune: 5 shot in Humboldt Park after argument, physical fight and another child, 14, was among 23 people shot in Chicago overnight

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