Chicago Alderman Ed Burke’s Office Raided

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The Chicago City Hall office of Alderman Ed Burke’s office was raided by the agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on Nov. 29, 2018. Agents showed up earlier in the morning requesting that other employees leave.

They placed brown paper over the glass windows of that office as well as the one on the South Side, maintaining the privacy of the investigation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

An officer who was parked behind Burke’s office confirmed that a search warrant was issued but provided no further detail. There have been no arrests and no official comments made as to the purpose of the investigation.

“Burke, who is celebrating his 50th year on the council, holds the record for Chicago’s longest-serving alderman.” The Chicago Tribune touches on his history with the city of Chicago and mentions how he is up for re-election for his 14th term since sitting on the council since 1969.

Burke is the chairmen of the City Council Finance Committee so he oversees a lot of the Chicago’s finances. In 2012, “a federal grand jury demanded that Burke’s Finance Committee turn over records related to a “duty disability” program that in 2011, alone, paid out $115 million to disabled city workers” according to documents.

This may be the cause of the investigation but Burke has remained unaffected in his preparation for re-election. When asked if Burke was concerned about his victory, he answered, “No.”

Written By Monet’ Goode
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware

Chicago Tribune: Sources: Federal agents raid powerful Chicago Ald. Ed Burke’s City Hall office

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