Chicago Gun Violence Is Killing the City



In Chicago holiday weekends can be more deadly than the regular customary life cycle. According to sources, there were 44 people shot and wounded over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017. Eight out of the total wounded suffered serious injuries and died.

These numbers are significantly lower in comparison to 2016 when 70 people were reported dead. However, the numbers are high given the fact that unregistered guns are illegal. With a total of 3,322 people being shot in Chicago, 621 died in 2017. In the month of November alone, there were 50 victims of gun violence.

President Donald Trump has a strong opinion regarding the gun violence in Chicago. He frequently describes it as, “a disaster out of control!” He has blamed the local politicians and leaders for being deficient in controlling the city’s violence.

The conclusion of the holiday weekend, in 2017, led to a series of shootings, one being in the West Englewood neighborhood. A 31-year-old man was shot in the leg. He was reportedly walking down the street when an unidentified shooter exited the gangway, firing multiple shots.

Soon after, a 27-year-old victim was shot at 1:30 a.m. in the Chatham neighborhood. He allegedly refused to submit to a robber and was shot in the armpit, he later died at the hospital.

James Jones was a 38 year old victim, he was shot in the head around 1:35 am. Police officials found Jones dead in his car, Thanksgiving day, on the 400 block of East 77th Street. It has been reported that three suspects are responsible for the death of Mr. Jones.

The gun violence in Chicago is increasing on a daily basis. The incidents listed above are few of the many occurrences that happened over one holiday weekend. Even with murder being an illegal act, it is rarely justified by the judicial system.

Many, including President Trump, believe the Chicago Police Department does not display the leadership qualities expected.  The community wants law enforcement to step up to the plate and become better examples and enforcers of the law. With this change, many Chicago residents believe that the gun-violence then, will be at an all time low.

Written by Antwon Rogers


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