Chicago Rent May Increase

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Chicago residents may have a surprise when their next lease arrives. With the rise of job layoffs and people working from home, landlords have been having trouble getting the rent paid. So to resolve those issues landlords have been terminating leases and raising the rent for residents. But due to The Fair Notice Ordinance, landlords have to give residents a 60-day notice if they plan to end a lease agreement or raise the rent; and If a resident has been living at a property for more than 3 years, they would get 120 days notice.

The housing commissioner Marisa Novara disagrees, “It’s nearly impossible to land on your feet … in 30 days.”, Novara further states, “The ordinance does not impact evictions for non-payment or other lease violations.”. Alderman Sophia King, the representative for the 4th Ward, was in agreeance with the ordinance telling an experience she had when a developer came in and gave notice to an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s. She called the act “Insensitive”.

Chicago residents are unsure of what will come of their rent and leases. Alderman’s Joseph Lopez and Sophia King have been at a disagreement. Lopez stated to King “If they lose their property… now you’re going to have to deal with a landlord who’s in foreclosure,”. Ald. Novara stepped in and stated, “I believe that this is the most balanced outcome we can achieve at this time,”.


Written By Trinity Simmons-Brooks

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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