Chicago Superintendent Reveals How to Slow the City’s Crime Rate

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After an additional 60 people were shot over the weekend, Chicago’s superintendent shared his thoughts on how to slow the city’s crime rate. His idea revolves around a decades-long belief of investing in low-income communities on the Westside. Supt. David Brown stated that he believes the only reason young people are driven to lives of crime is that there is a lack of resources.

Moreover, Supt. David Brown told NBC5, “Drive through the Westside, it’s just boarded up building after boarded-up building.” This idea is not new, for years, community leaders have advocated for investment on the South and Westside. Without job opportunities, eventually, people begin to create their own ways to provide for themselves. Though, these methods are usually illegal. Resulting in high crime rates and over-policing.

Therefore, Supt. David Brown is advocating for more investment in disadvantaged Chicago communities, rather than over-policing. This would allow crime rates to slow down, and allow disadvantaged communities to build themselves back up. Unfortunately, Chicago has a history of ignoring underprivileged communities pleas. Thus again leading back to over-policing and higher crime rates.

There needs to be as much investment in the South and West side as there is on the Northside of the city. Chicago officials need to take initiative.

Written by Reginae Echols

Edited by Sheena Robertson


NBC5: Chicago’s Top Cop Shares What He Thinks Will Slow City’s Violence

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