Cincinnati Reds Players Support Black Lives Matter

Cincinnati Reds
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Cincinnati Reds

On Tuesday, July 21st four Cincinnati red players took a knee during the national anthem of an exhibition game. The player’s names were Joey Votto, Amir Garrett, Phillip Ervin, and Alex Blandino. The team manager David Bell also stood with the players taking a knee along with a couple of other players.

These players have been seen supporting the Black Lives Movement on numerous occasions that include wearing Black Lives Matter shirts during workouts in preseason camp. Amir Garret and Phillip Ervin are the Cincinnati Reds only African- American players.

Amir Garret said on Twitter he would use his platform (as an athlete on tv) to support ongoing problems in America. If you are familiar with the sports world, specifically football you would know a former San Francisco 49ers Qb(Colin Kaepernick) had the same idea(Taking a knee during the anthem) back in 2016. This selflessness to take a stand for what he believes in cost him his career.

Before July 21st,2020 Bruce Maxwell was the only MLB player to take a knee. Garret said he should have done more around this time as well. He also said that he cares more about people receiving the ‘lost message’ than him losing fans. Although he is supporting what he believes he doesn’t want to send the wrong message that he’s using his platform for his own political opinions.


Written by: Anay Amoah


Sources: “Four Cincinnati Reds players, including Joey Votto, take a knee during the national anthem”


Image courtesy of RedsFantasyCamp Flickr page-Creative common license


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