Cincinnati’s Own Klassy Rises From the Underground

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Cincinnati’s own Klassy rose from the underground began his journey, making his mark in hip hop at the young age of fourteen. While in high school, Klassy was inspired by local and national hip hop underground hip hop artists. One being Xavier Wulf, who has also influenced and paved the way for many other independent hip hop artists.

Xavier Wulf, formerly known as Ethelwulf from the group Raider Klan and is one-fifth of Seshollowaterboyz. Heavily influenced by Xavier Wulf, Klassy began writing and creating his own music at just 14.

Armed with a pen and pad, he began studying and improving on his craft. Klassy carries the torch passed on from his predecessors and still giving hip hop fans something new. Klassy is blazing a new trail for both himself and his fellow The Underground Mob family.

Other artists who have influenced Klassy are IDKJeffery, and Lil B. Heavily influenced, talented, and creating his own lane Klassy has come a long way to create his own sound in a world that has many hip hop artists afraid to step out and be their own artist. Many artists are afraid to be individual artists with their own sound.

Many artists copy the latest trending sound, hoping to be part of the next big wave instead of being authentic. Klassy is an authentic hip hop artist who is aware of his own sound and not afraid to be different. He is making room for himself and his fellow Underground Mob family.

Many artists get lost in the mainstream and eventually written off because what they brought to the table was not original and now washed. Many artists go off what record labels say is trending and what record labels say fans want instead of offering something different. So many hip hop artists are scared to be and sound different.

So many artists want to chase the latest trend and have instant success. Still, he remains true to his sound and continues to find success in the underground hip hop world. Since the age of fourteen, Klassy has been working on his craft and spending much time being the artist he can be with a unique sound all his own.

He continues to create and work on his sound as both artist and engineer. He has both a unique sound as an artist and an amazing ear as an engineer on the soundboards. Fans of hip hop can appreciate what Klassy brings to the table as he delivers his own unique sound and style. A style and sound that will transcend for years to come and not just a temporary trend of today’s hip hop scene.

Klassy offers an authentic sound with classic visuals and concepts to match all that he creates. He is a truly authentic artist who is comfortable in his own sound. Klassy is neither afraid to experiment with new sounds and concepts in his songs. He looks to knock down new doors for himself and others.

He does not shy away from giving love to those who paved the way before him and inspired him. With some glimpses of Eminem, Klassy creates music he loves as his fans appreciate his authenticity, creativity, and integrity in his music, which is available now on all digital streaming platforms.

This is only the beginning for Klassy as he continues to work to make his own mark in the underground hip hop scene. He remains consistent in his craft, knocking down doors for himself and his fellow artists, the underground mob family. The Underworld Mob and Klassy are both on the rise and making their mark in the hip hop underground culture.

He recently released a new song, ‘Headshots,” now streaming on SoundCloud.

Written by Kelly J (Kelz) Newson

Top and Inset Images Provided by Klassy – Used With Permission
Featured Image Courtesy of Friscocali’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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