Collins’ Haunted House Causes Screams Galore!

haunted house

Haunted house

Last Friday a haunted house fundraiser was held at The Collins Academy High School.

Students who met certain criteria mandated by the Principal and Assistant Principals of the school were allowed to attend. Many of the students and teachers dressed up and participated in the haunted house disguised as ghosts, clowns, creepy scientists, and so much more.

Since the haunted house was, in fact, a fundraiser, students who attend Collins were required to pay $4 if they pre-paid before the haunted house began. Tickets were $6 at the door for students and outside guests paid $5. Anyone who wanted to enter the haunted house more than once had to pay an additional $3 every time they went through. Snacks were available for purchase in the main lobby. They ranged from $.50-$3.00.

Once the fee was paid, people were given a mark on their hand to distinguish those who paid and those who did not. After receiving the mark, the guests were asked to line up and wait their turn to go through the “house.” The haunted house was on the first floor of the school, in the West wing¬†past the main lobby.

Almost every person who went in the haunted house walked in with the same attitude, they felt it would be no different than their previous experience. They believed they would not be scared. However, when the guests exited, they were screaming, crying, and holding each other in fear that they were being followed by what was inside the haunted house.

Something different awaited the guests in each of the five rooms of the house. In the hallways, there were body bags, some of which contained real people!

The first room was dark, with people on the floors grabbing at anyone who dared to walk past. The second room was a continuation of the first, except there were people who chased anyone they saw.

The third room contained a crazy scientist who made threats to chop people up and eat them, just as he had done to others trapped in his room. The fourth room contained monsters who dragged the people throughout if they were caught in there.

The fifth room had clowns and ghosts who chased the guests to the final room, which was the auditorium. If one could escape there, they were free to leave.

While this may have seemed like fun and games to most, some could not handle being scared, as demonstrated by those who wet themselves. One young man had an asthma attack.

Although there were instances where the house may have been a little¬†too scary for some, most people agree that Collins’ 2017 haunted house was the best they had been to, and they expressed their desire to attend next year as well.

By Trinity Oglesby
Edited by Cathy Milne

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of muckraker’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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