Collins Volleyball Team Is on a Roll



The Collins Lady Warriors volleyball team won their Monday night game against Christ the King College Prep High School.

The Lady Warriors won three sets to their opponent’s two. The results have their fans saying that they may even go on to the regionals.

During the game, the referee continued to call what seemed to be false fouls which gave points to Christ the King College Prep High School team. Spectators presumed this was because they were the home team.

In addition to having multiple fouls called against the Lady Warriors, Christ the King College called more than five timeouts. This is a tactic used by most volleyball teams to stop the flow of the server on the opposing team.

Christ the King was unsuccessful in using tactics to intimidate the Collins volleyball team. There were times when the Lady Warriors thought they may be outdone by their opponents, however, they stayed confident and cheered each other on, even when mistakes were made.

Both teams had plenty of family and friends at the game hoping to cheer their respective team to victory. They cheered from the bleachers and offered words of encouragement to the players.

Although there were many players on the court, Collins did not have their entire team healthy enough to play. One teammate was on crutches during the game, however, she still managed to put on her volleyball gear and come to the game to show support for her fellow Lady Warriors.

Collins’ Coach Smith explained that if the girls win their next game, the Lady Warriors will go on to the regionals. Everyone on the team, their fans, and coaches are hoping for this outcome.

By Trinity Oglesby
Edited by Cathy Milne, and D. Chandler

Images Courtesy of Trinity Oglesby


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