Coronavirus Effecting School Funding?

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Despite the rise in coronavirus patients, on Wednesday, July 8th,2020, at 8:16 am President Donald J. Trump posted on his Twitter account that he might cut funding from schools that don’t Reopen. President Trump stated, ” In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS.”.

Right now there are over 12 million Coronavirus cases worldwide. Not soon after President Trump posted, “I disagree with @CDCgov on their very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools. While they want them open, they are asking schools to do very impractical things. I will be meeting with them!!!”

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that due to coronavirus they understand that it may be hard for younger students may be unable to wear a mask all day, and that hand hygiene would be a must for students and schools would have to create one-way routes, and may wear face shields. That the school year would have to be online, for some of the weeks if not the majority to lower risk of spreading the virus.

Despite the President’s belief, Capitol Hill is growing support for including additional funds for schools in the next coronavirus relief bill, which is expected to pass later this month.

Written By: Trinity Simmons-Brooks

Edited by Sheena Robertson

Source: Trump threatens to cut funding for schools, slams CDC reopening guidelines as too tough and expensive

Image courtesy of Nik Anderson Flikr page- Creative Commons


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