COVID-19 Vaccination Kits Ready for Usage

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The Department of Defense unveiled its first images of COVID-19 vaccination kits and record cards on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020

Dr. Kelly Moore the associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition — which supports frontline workers —states the vaccine record cards are the “simplest” way to keep track of vaccinations. It appears this will be a convenience for all to keep track and know when the next dose is needed.

Those that get vaccinated will be given the cards, their info will be sent to the state immunization registry. This method will be used to keep up with the doses given.

According to Dr. Moore, some clinics are asking for cell phone numbers to send text alerts of the next vaccine due date. Another precautionary measure to help people relax during this pandemic.

Claire Hannan — executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers — stated doses will be reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

COVID-19 Kits are Ready to Be Shipped

The vaccination kits are prepared and ready to distribute once vaccines are ready to be implemented. According to Gen. Gustave Perna, Warp Speed’s chief operating officer, the operation has over 100 million vaccination kits ready for distribution.

A CDC panel suggests that frontline workers get vaccinated first. Also reported there would be a limited supply in the United States and the wider population will not have access to vaccines until sometime in 2021. Monccef Saloui chief adviser to Operation Warp Speed said, “100 million Americans get be vaccinate against coronavirus by February 2021.”

This for many Americans is a way to slow and possibly stop the spread of the coronavirus and bring some normalcy back to our daily lives.

Written by Teleza Rodgers


CNN: Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting COVID-19 vaccine, health officials say by Jon Bonifield and Amir Vera

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