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Cyntoia Brown Sex Slave Granted Clemency

Cyntoia Brown Fight for Freedom

BrownA sex slave granted clemency. Cyntoia Denise Brown, 30 years old, was a child when she convicted of murder. A 2011 documentary created by Dan Birman, “Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Brown Story” gave the details of her life.

Raised in a single-parent home in Tennessee by her mother, Georgia Mitchell, a known alcoholic, and drug abuser. Brown’s defense attorney discussed these facts in her trial. Unable to properly care for her daughter, Mitchell placed her for adoption.

Ellenette Washington provided her with a home, but she ran away. When Brown was 16, she began to associate with a man named Garion Mcglothen Jarvis, also known on the streets as Kut-throat or Kut for short.

The duo, being homeless, stayed at a local motel. Mcglothen reportedly raped, beat and forced her into sex-trafficking.

Allegedly, on the night of Aug. 6, 2004, the 16-year-old, met Johnny Mitchell Allen, a 43-year-old real estate Brooker and a military vet.  Agreeing to $150 and dinner, the two headed to Allen’s home on Mossdale Road in Nashville, Tennessee. She claims that they never engaged in intercourse as she agreed.


As the broker slept, Brown used a .40-caliber gun that she carried and shot him in the head. She stole cash, several firearms, and a Ford F-150. She drove the stolen truck to meet her pimp at the In Towne Suites. The vehicle found in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and they got home by flagging down an SUV.

When arrested, she was charged with aggravated robbery, murder, and premeditated murder. The prosecutors claimed this was not a case of self-defense because her victim was asleep when she attacked him.

Sixteen-year-old Brown was charged as an adult because of the nature of the crime. Her eligibility for parole was not scheduled until she was 67 had she served the original sentence of 51 years to life.

In prison, she worked redefining herself. She received her associate’s degree from Lipscomb University in 2015. According to Brown, she is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree.

Several high profile advocates drew attention to the case. Kim Kardashian West and Ashley Judd were a few of those that went to Twitter calling for compassion and a reevaluation of the evidence. Several Tennessee lawmakers including a U.S. Congressman where amongst her supporters.

“If tried today legal experts say Brown would not have had the same outcome,” according to Anchor Stacy Case. Brown’s documentary resulted in Tennessee lawmakers adjusting policies dealing with the victims of sex trafficking crimes, especially those surrounding juveniles.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslem announced that “after careful consideration of what is a tragic and complex case” he was mitigating Brown’s sentence. Haslem’s statement was released on Jan. 7, 2019, after she has already served 15 years. The remaining part of her life sentence will be converted into 10 years of supervised parole.

Brown’s pimp, Kut was shot and killed on March 30, 2005, in an unrelated incident. He was only 24.

Written by Leon Murray
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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