David Hogg Will Not Accept Apology Unless Network Admits Mockery



David Hogg, a vocal advocate for tightening gun control, is angry over Fox News host, Laura Ingraham mocked his whining about four college rejections. He called for boycotts against advertisers on Fox News. Hogg refuses to apologize unless the station admits to the mocking.

His call for action prompted tweets and comment from hundreds of people. They informed companies such as Nestle, Hulu, ATT, Trip Advisor, and Arby’s they would longer associate with companies who condone actions like Ingraham’s when she targeted Hogg. Currently, more than three companies have backed away from Ingraham’s show.

After it was apparent that companies would pull their ads from the show, Ingraham posted a tweet apologizing to activist. She indicated a GPA of 4.2 is a great accomplishment and apologized for unintentionally causing any harm to the shooting survivors. In the tweet, also invited him to come back to her “show at any time for a productive discussion.”

Hogg quickly responded expressing his belief that her so-called apology was simply to save advertiser counts and not acceptable. He followed up with a statement that claimed the only acceptable apology would be the Fox network admits to their criticism of those that fight alongside him for harsher gun control.

Hogg’s cause for stricter gun control has been seen by citizens and politicians, as either, outlandish or impressive. After Hogg’s reply to the Fox News host, a National Rifle Association member Ted Nugent criticized the young man.

Even though Hogg was one of those who survived the mass shooting in his school, Nugent claimed he was a “lost cause.” Nugent contends the young man was brainwashed by the lies used by those who want to have the Second Amendment repealed. He elaborated further by commenting during a radio interview that the youth was unfixable.

Although the criticism against Hogg seems to be extensive, many survivors and victims of shootings are applauding his efforts. They are joining him with accompanying marches and speak-outs.

Hogg and his sister, Lauren co-authored “#NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line.” The book that captures the powerful efforts of their generation was published by ‎Penguin Random House. It will hit bookstore shelves on June 5, 2018.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Cathy Milne


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