Devastated, People Are Left Homeless From Hurricane Dorian’s Collision

Hurricane Dorian
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Hurricane Dorian

Residents of a North Carolina Outer Banks Island are left stranded as Hurricane Dorian surged through the Bahamas. Through the beginning of September 2019, the storm led to thousands of destroyed homes and 43 deaths.

The resulting destruction has left over 70,000 people homeless and waiting for supplies on several islands.

The storm made landfall at North Ocracoke Island in the early morning hours, on Friday, Sept. 6. From there, the storm continued to spread causing power outages and destroying roads. Those that stayed behind in their homes described the water rising at a rate they never expected or thought possible.

“We went from almost no water to 4 to 6 feet in a matter of minutes,” said Steve Harris, who stayed behind on the island as it reached its peak.

Unfortunately, Ocracoke is only accessible by boat or plane so the citizens have to wait for airlifted supplies to reach the island. Similar to places like Sandy Point, Treasure Cay, and Marsh Harbor, where 5,000 pounds of supplies were delivered on a Saturday morning flight.

On the island of Abaco, hundreds of citizens have lined up at the ports for more than several hours for a chance to be taken back to Nassau. Many of these stressed citizens recounted desperately trying to ride out the storm while watching family and friends drowning in the rising water.

While the hurricane is still active, it posses a large threat to Nova and Canada and according to the National Hurricane Center heavy winds are expected by late Saturday.

On its current course, Hurricane Dorian is expected to pass 120 miles Southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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