Donald Trump Changing Campaign Manger

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Donald Trump the President of the United States changed up his campaign staff by sinking poll numbers less than about four months before the election, by replacing his campaign manager Brad Parscale with a veteran GOP Bill Stepien.

Trump announced on Facebook, “Brad Parscale…” who has been with the president for a while now “has led our tremendous digital and data strategies,” will remain as his Senior Advisor to his next campaign.

Trump and Pascal’s relationship had been going down more and more, with Trump annoying to the publicity Parscale had garnered in that role. However, the one thing that ended it all was said to be the Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally back in June. This rally brought in an unexpectedly small crowd of about 6,200 people after he had boasted that more than a million people had requested tickets.

The staff change was completely unexpected to alter day to day running a campaign. The news of shuffle has to be delivered to Parscale on Wednesday afternoon by the White House advisor and Presidents Trump son in law.

Parscale was being moved out of the way more and more since the Tulsa rally and as the president public and private poll numbers have been taking a huge hit since the pandemic. While the Republican National Committee owned most of the campaign data that voters are modeling out and the different outreach tools.

Trump is being highly criticized and his way of solving this issue is switching his campaign manager.

Written By: Jordan Fenderson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


USAToday: Longtime Trump aide Brad Parscale removed as campaign manager as president shakes up reelection staff

Image by OgreBot Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons – Creative Commons


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