Facebook Is the Greatest American Enemy of the 21st Century

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A major contributor to the end of the American dream is social media. The most popular, and most destructive is Facebook.

Many have rejected any value from the use of social media from its inception. It appeals to weak-minded Americans who are unable to think for themselves or successfully communicate with those they love directly. Even more destructive is how it allows blatant lies and conspiracy theories to flourish among our nation’s people.

The 2016 election is a perfect example. Misinformation on Facebook resulted in a lower Democratic voter turnout in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, giving Donald Trump a victory in the Electoral College. Russia won the election, and the American people lost everything achieved over the previous 60+ years.

Courtesy of The Crunchies! (Flickr CC0)

Facebook continues to aid those who would create a fascist government in America. Mark Zuckerberg accepts and publishes paid ads that are blatant lies and divisive. Anti-vaxxers, those who deny the reality of critical race theory, and a refusal to deny right-wing baseless claims that there was massive fraud in the 2020 election all contribute to the likely end of America.

In a very disturbing situation, Zuckerberg overruled his own editorial staff and allowed an anti-abortion ad claiming that “there is NEVER a medically necessary abortion!”

Americans receive many reasons daily which justify their refusal to be a part of the idiocy called “social media.” They condemn the chosen ignorance of millions of the nation’s people. The United States must be better than that if the nation is to survive.

Opinion News by James Turnage


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