Flowers Are Dying but How Is That Happening

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There are plenty of plants to choose from, Lavender, Chrysanthemums, and Delilah’s. You want to plant all of these at once and when you did, they bloomed after a month you noticed that most of them were grown but did not survive for long. That is because plants and flowers depend on their zones and not just being planted into the soil in the ground, maybe it shows how flowers are dying.

What is a zone some may ask? Well before diving into why zones are important to flowers. A Zone is an area that has certain climates and temperatures that help grow plants in certain places, these climates help plants benefit from the soil and atmosphere. Some plants require a colder climate, while other plants require hotter climates. In order to figure out which place in the city people live in and if the plant can grow. Use Google and a zone map to assist with that flower zone. if correct, there might just see a cute little blossom out of the soil and show its true beauty.

According to some research, flowers require zones in order for them to grow otherwise they will not grow at all no matter how it is taken care of. For example, In the spring-summer seasons, it seems like the best time to plant them but however, but there are problems when it comes to Autumn and the frost seasons, sometimes getting plants that do well in these climates. But that is not the only factor in this, microclimates are a very dangerous thing for plants in that area’s soil.  are wondering what a microclimate is, it’s a patch of soil that goes through a change of weather without the weather this explains how flowers are dying from these kinds of climates. This evidence from that article is supporting the climates and what they actually do to the crops and flowers

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Planting in different climates has very impactful changes. For example, if people wanted to grow plants like lavender and then grow them in a zone like 3A, a zone is the city or area people live, and its climates, because of this it will not grow very well because of zones. Some are wondering why, it’s due to the climate that zone 3a is in, it is actually really cold. A web search from provides information on climates within the area and the impact of the weather when it comes to planting the perfect plant. Take some gardens in Illinois for example seeing what it’s like, beautiful right? Because they researched the kind of weather that they live in and managed the soil accordingly to its microclimate.

What happens to patches of soil, let it stay in a microclimate it actually droughts out the moisture. the sun actually isn’t as beneficial as it may seem. Sometimes putting flowers directly in the sun actually messes it up. That is also because of the area and type of flower that’s placed there. Let’s say for instance somebody decides to plant a patch of dahlia in the sun. They don’t like that very much and actually benefit more from growing in the cold shade. Now planting it in the sun does not stop people but for a better understanding of how this all works out with zones, below is a link to a gardening zone video by Home and Garden for Mere Mortals:

Today gardening in zones is very important due to the damage that is going on in communities right now. Keep in mind that these zones are a bigger reason why most don’t have produce and flowers, but following these rules is very beneficial to the plants if wanting to start a garden is an interest, so next time thinks about just putting a seed in the floor think again, make sure to follow these rules in Illinois during the seasons. Now that fall is here, there are evident cases that flowers and crops will benefit from this climate change. Give credit to the people whose evidence helped make this article. Good luck and happy flower planting in the cities.

Written By Gianni Gomez


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Inset Image, Courtesy Gábor Wiandt Claudet Monet’s Garden’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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