Former President Wants to Inspire a Generation of a ‘Million Young Obamas’



During a conference in Japan, the former U.S. president stated he wants to use the Obama Foundation and social media as a way to “create a platform for young, up-and-coming leaders.” The former president used this phrasing to explain he could potentially create a million young, underclass Barack or Michelle Obamas.

The conference was held to approach the topic of what his plans are post presidency, and in response, the former president shared his ideas on how he would like to shape youth’s minds. In order to influence young people to use their perspectives and knowledge on popular debates, the ex-president plans to use social media and current news to instill a more creative outlet.

Before the conference, the Obama Foundation announced that they will begin paid internships and workforce training for high school students. By offering new job training and internships for Chicago’s South Side high schools, students can receive hands-on experience for their future careers. Urban Alliance staff teaches students in order to prepare for work, introducing and improving their soft skills. The CEO of Urban Alliance, Eshauna Smith, says that these internships will “help under-served youth expand their idea of what is possible for their future and set them on a path of economic stability.”

These skills range from writing a resume to understanding their paychecks, mostly information needed to know after high school. These programs are aimed toward sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high schools, such as Kenwood Academy High School, Hyde Park Academy High School, and Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy.

The Obama Foundation focuses on young people looking to learn within their community about future work experiences that they cannot learn in school. Partners of the Obama Youth Jobs Corporation, Hyatt Hotels, and Bank of America are currently offering students internships under Urban Alliance. When students accept and attend internships, there is a proven boost in their chances of being accepted into college. The foundation, originated to support young men and women of color, is creating a platform for young leaders to progress outside of school.

Written by Brielle Buford
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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