G Salvatore Puts the Heart Into Fashion

G Salvatore

G Salvatore

Most who catch a glimpse of Gianni Salvatore’s new collection react in awe. G Salvatore fashions make people feel good. In an age when people are working so hard on the shape of their bodies, the demand for clothing that highlights that work is becoming more prevalent.

However, not all designers have mastered the art of making the clothes fit the way people imagine they will…G Salvatore has accomplished this goal. He says, “I design everything from the heart. I want people to feel great when they are in my clothes, not just ok, not just good, they must feel great or I feel I have failed.”

Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment produced the exclusive G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Wales. Stevie Eagle E and G Salvatore fused fashion, music, and, entertainment. This was a great opportunity for a select few to see the fashions up close. Photo manipulation is so easy that it is not always easy to tell if the clothes seen in images really look as good in real life. G Salvatore’s fashions look even better up close.

G Salvatore has designed everything from cars to houses, but it is with his clothes he feels he can best express himself.

The Assassins tracksuit pays homage to his love for gaming icons like “Assassins Creed” and it was a huge hit at the showcase event.

G Salvatore uses high-quality specialty fabrics to ensure all of his garments fit the wearer, but he says, “the secret is in the cut.”

Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment were able to talk with G Salvatore. When asked how he developed his style he relied:

I have a passion for making people feel good, and I am able to do it through fashion. I think working with celebrities like Calum Best and Jason Derulo helped me a lot because would bring them samples and they would always talk about how things made them feel. The more fitted, the better. They seemed to respond to my designs. Mostly I work from the heart, it really is simple. I see it in my head, I feel if in my soul, and then I design it. That’s how I work.

The second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase even in Wales was a great success. Salvatore attributes the rise of G Salvatore to his partnership with Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment. He said, “I have always wanted to fuse my fashion with music and entertainment. I discovered a great passion for this working with many artists in the past. When I met Stevie Eagle E, he showed me how I could realize that passion and fuse the two and that is how the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase was born. For me, fashion and music go hand-in-hand.”

The designer is now busy working on his new collection and he says fans can expect the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase to continue around the globe with London and the United States shows in the planning stages.

By Jeanette Smith

Images by Shlepp Entertainment and Marcin Daleki – Used With Permission


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