GOP Republicans Defy FBI and Releases FISA Memo



A formerly classified memo that Politico reported holds information of misconduct by United States officials investigating President Donald Trump’s team. GOP Republicans defied the pleas of the FBI and the Democrats to release the FISA memo.

The publication of the memo signifies a new era of an Elizabethan-like tragedy in the political conflict. The political animosity centered around the federal investigation of Kremlin infiltration of the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

Politico reported that Republicans stated the memo exposes a bias against the president emitting from key law enforcement officials. The top law enforcement officials helped launch a federal investigation to answer the question if the Russian Federation were infiltrating the Trump campaign, as well.

The Democratic Party said that the Republican Party is creating confusion concerning the Trump-Russia probe. They continued to warn Trump not to use the memo as a pretext to terminate Special Counsel Robert Muller or his supervisor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. President Trump responded that the findings of the document were a disgrace because it happened in the U.S. and a lot of people should be mortified.

Politico reported that the president was making reference to high-ranking officials in the Justice Department and the FBI. Trump tweeted earlier that the key officials in the intelligence community politicized the significant investigation process for the Democrats and to plot against the GOP.

Longtime charges from conservatives alleged that anti-Trump bureaucrats, or a deep state, has aimed to demolish the Trump administration. Christopher Way, who is the director of the FBI, opposed the release of the memo. The FBI issued a statement that said the material essentially influenced the memo’s precision and has designed a crucial alarm, as the GOP Republicans defied the FBI and Democrats to release the FISA memo.

History of Corruption in the FBI

Boston organized crime figures Louis Greco, Peter Limone, and Enrico Tameleo, and Joseph Salvati were convicted of slaying Teddy Deegan. Deegan was a minor criminal. The gangland incident occurred one night in 1965, in a back alley in Chelsea, Massachusetts, near Boston.

Greco was accused of being the shooter. Limone, Tameleo, and Salvati were charged as accessories. Greco, Tameleo, and Limone were sentenced to death.

WBUR reported that in the following century the four convictions would be overturned. Their lawsuits would go to trial. Judge Nancy Gertner would then declare that the FBI had consciously withdrawn evidence that they were not-guilty at the trial in 1968. Also, the FBI’s star witness was a contract killer for the New England mafia whose testimony was significantly less than the truth.

WBUR reported that the Department of Justice did not acknowledge culpability. They also did not offer an apology. However, a significant amount of money was awarded to the four innocent mafia, or mafioso figures, who had spent over three decades in prison for a crime that they had not committed.

However, on Feb. 2, 2018, GOP members on the House Intelligence Committee released a controversial memo, after the Democratic Party and the FBI pleaded with them to not release the FISA memo.  The memo stated that the DNC and the FBI abused their power of authority by spying on members of the Trump campaign.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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