Gov. Andrew Cuomo Has at Least 7 Sexual Harassment Claims Against Him

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Amidst calls for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, on Friday, March 12, 2021, a seventh lady has accused him of sexual harassment.

Former statehouse reporter, Jessica Blakeman, wrote an essay for New York Magazine detailing Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment towards her. She described Cuomo as not prejudice toward men in his bullying and demeaning behavior, just that he bullies and demeans women differently.

Blakeman, who covered the governor in her early-20s, says Cuomo uses touching and sexual innuendo to strike fear in women. While attending a holiday party, he was hosting for the Albany press corps. He made her feel uncomfortable.  After offering well wishes to him regarding his dying father, he took her hand and wrapped his other arm around her back while telling a photographer to take their picture.

Blakeman described an incident where she was trying to get away from the governor. He turned her body so that she was inappropriately facing him, for the photographer to take another picture while never letting go of her hand.  He then asked if he was making her uncomfortable and told her he thought they were “going steady.”‘

According to Blakeman, though this was the most “egregious time” he harassed her, it surely was not the only one.

The governor is facing allegations that he sexually harassed or behaved inappropriately toward six women.  He’s accused of groping and planting unwanted kisses on a woman to asking unwelcomed personal questions about sex and dating.

CuomoThe Democratic governor denies any inappropriate touching or advances to anyone.  Nor has anyone told him that he made them feel uncomfortable.  He says these are all false allegations.

The Attorney General is now investigating Cuomo’s behavior.  The Assembly Judiciary Committee is beginning an impeachment inquiry. New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand have called for his resignation.

On Friday, Cuomo reiterated that he is not stepping down.

Written by Brenda Robinson
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


WWNY-TV: Former Albany reporter is 7th woman to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment

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