I’m Just Saying…’The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ [Spoiler Alert]

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“The Girl in the Spider’s Web” is an action-packed, sitting on the edge of your seat thriller. As far as an entertainment vehicle, I give the movie two thumbs up!

If you are a stickler for real-world reality in your viewing experience, you will be challenged. The story is sometimes convoluted with the plot and subplot not easily discernable until the end. However, I will make the picture an easy follow by informing my readers that the gist of the movie is two young sisters are being raised and abused by their Russian, psychopathic and apparent child molesting father.

Lisbeth rebels against their upbringing, whereas Camilla is consumed. The result the former becomes a mistreated-by-men woman avenger with lesbian tendencies and the other becomes a psychopathic clone of their father.

The story begins with the two sisters playing chess and their father summoning them after he has apparently just finished with a naked, tattoed woman of no consequence. What follows next is the underlying plot of the movie as the father summons one sister to his lap that suggests pedophilia might be in play, and the other sister rejecting his summoning advance by grabbing her sister and trying to run away from him.

Their escape is compromised as they are cornered and faced with jumping off of what appears to be a building or going back to their father. Lisbeth makes the decision to jump, to what appears to be her certain death, and Camilla chooses to return to the father.

That traumatic scene morphs into a years later scene where Lisbeth is now rescuing a battered and abused wife from her sadistic husband. This scene unveils her role as the heroine of the film.

While the movie outlays our heroine’s reputation for saving beaten, battered, and abused women around Sweden, where she has grown up and survived.

The plot takes viewers to an interaction between a nuclear scientist and Lisbeth. He contracts her to steal the nuclear weapon he created and gave to the United States. She does this using her James Bond IT skills and gadgetry, only to have Camilla steal the weapon from her.

The movie goes back and forth with Lisbeth getting the weapon back only to lose it again to Camilla. As the psychopathic clone of the father, she took over his criminal organization known as the Spiders!

The rest of the film is chase, get captured, escape more than 007 in a James Bond movie, and survive at the end. The movie’s subplot, of why did you leave me with our child molesting psycho father, become known for saving females in distress, and never come back to save me, plays out at the end.

While the movie was entertaining because of the action-packed scenes and wonderful cinematography, its believability quotient of zero will most assuredly keep it off the Best Picture of the year list!

Opinion by James Cannon
Edited by Cathy Milne

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Rich Herrmann’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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