Is Steve Carell’s Latest Film Irresistible, Resistible Afterall?

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With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic keeping people indoors, movie nights have become a commodity. Due to the lack of audience at theaters, many films have opted for online streaming services. The highly anticipated film irresistible followed suit with this trend, unfortunately, it may have missed its target audience due to this. “Irresistible” is a political satire, starring actors Steve Carell, Chris Cooper, and Rose Bryne. The film is the latest project of the former “Daily Show” host, Jon Steward. While the title may be alluring, according to critics the film is quite the opposite.

“Irresistible” follows Carell’s role as a Democratic strategist, who helps a retired veteran (Chris Cooper) run for mayor in a small town in Wisconsin. The film pokes fun at political campaigning and even ends in a fight between Bryne and Carell at the polls. Theoretically, a political comedy might be just the thing the world needs right now. However, critics say that the film does not offer new knowledge about politics. Rather “Irresistible” reinstates the audience’s prior knowledge of politics. Supporters of the film disagree with critics, highlighting the fact that Carell, Cooper, and Bryne are all able to address and mock both democratic and republican candidates without taking sides.

Most films that have unflattering plots, usually make up for it with the actors’ interactions. Unfortunately, Irresistible did not seem to follow this trend. Some critics say that the leading characters do not have any chemistry and that Cooper’s character as a “walking punchline”. Overall, the film seems to be an utter failure. Considering Carell’s roles in “Space Force” and “The Office,” it’s surprising that he would be part of this film.

Though critics seem to greatly disapprove of “Irresistible,” it is noteworthy that online streaming services may limit the film’s ability to be well received by its target audience. Some people may not have the funds or time to sit down and enjoy the film. Not to mention the recent state of politics may also tie in to the film’s rating by critics. It seems unlikely that actors such as Carell, Byrne, and Cooper would participate in a bad film. If “Irresistible” however fails, Carell also has an upcoming podcast. The podcast is about “The Office” and features Billie Ellish and Ricky Gervais.

“Irresistible” is Jon Stewart’s first break from his hiatus. Many are saying “Irresistible” is another failure of his, while others praise Stewart’s work. Regardless of one’s political ideology, the film does offer a much-needed break from the real world politics happening in the present. Considering that Steve Carell is notorious for his roles in shows,Irresistible may be worth paying $19.99.

Written by Reginae Echols

Edited by Sheena Robertson

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