Ivanka Trump Use of Power for Personal Gain

Ivanka Trump
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Ivanka Trump

The President of the United States’ daughter, Ivanka Trump, could have violated government ethnic rule because of a picture of her and a can of black beans, saying “If it’s GOYA it’s got to be good”. This brand is currently under hot water for a possible boycott because of the company’s CEO’s recent praising of President Trump. The CEO’s exact words were We are truly blessed to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder.” “ We have an incredible builder, and we pray.”

Social media has been pushing for a boycott of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned(Goya). The President’s daughter violated the guidelines on endorsements.

As the guidelines state, she can not use her government position to suggest to endorse an organization including a non-profit organization. A spokeswoman tried to plead her case as mutual personal support of the brand, and explain she has the right to express her support for a brand she likes and values.

She also claims her social media account is personal but they include her title and stature so it can be used against her if she to violate an ethics policy which she has done now. Trump also received backlash for promoting another campaign called “ Find Something New” the same day as the Goya post.

If a complaint was filed aghast this for her this would have a White House investigation involving the President. If the violation were not from Trump the possible repercussions could be imprisonments, fined, or demoted from a government position. She chose to support the product even though they are currently in turmoil with an issue involving her father.

For the readers who don’t know Ivanka Trump is a senior advisor to her President/father. As a result of the Trump and Ivanka situation customers have started to stock up in an abundance of their products in preparation for a boycott. This act has been called a “ buycott”.

This isn’t the first Trump family issue with food products there has been a long struggle in their promotion of food products. The daughter is being accused of violating ethical standards of not using public office for private gain which is the same violation her father the President has currently received turmoil from the Senate. In the same timestamp, the Trump family may be guilty of abusing their power and the purpose of their power.

Goya CEO said “H*ll no” when asked if he would apologize for what he said. Although, he was very surprised when he received backlash which the critics cannot believe. The Latino community that purchases the companies food said they will not support Goya any longer because the CEO supports Trump and described him as a ‘blessed leader’. This leader has a very long history of insults against the Latino community.

The Latino community has made it clear they will not stand behind Goya anymore because that would mean standing behind Trump.

Written by: Anay Amoah

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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