Jalen Hurts Brings the Eagles the W Defeating the Vikings 24-7

Jalen Hurts
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Jalen Hurts
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Last Sunday night football, one team seemed more focused on the game than their opposing rivals. Yes, you guessed it the Philly Eagles torched the Minnesota Vikings in an astonishing 24-7 win. Why did this happen? was it because Jalen Hurts?  Or was it that killer Eagles defense, let’s talk about it.

Hurts make a very good case on why the Eagles took this win with 333 yards, a touchdown, and a passer rating of 89.3.  Bringing them the Sunday night win. Now the Eagles’ Defense comes into play, asserting their aggressiveness right away going for more corner blitz plays making Kirk Cousins feel pressured into throwing the football faster than his normal in pocket time. This pressure leads to three interceptions on Cousins overall bringing the team’s energy down tenfold.

Jalen Hurts
Courtesy of All-Pro Reels (Flickr CC0)

Now we’re not saying the Vikings couldn’t have beat the Eagles but it was clear as day that it was not their Sunday at all only scoring seven points by halftime. Last week the Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers holding the packers to just seven points. What was the X factor that helped Minnesota take that win over Green Bay? Well for one Cousins actually came to play with two touchdowns and 277 yards. Now that Green Bay defense isn’t as scary as that Eagles defense with Darius Slay catching fire and having two interceptions.

Overall we can agree this win was a team-based win. The Eagles showed they have more teams than the Vikings. Hopefully, the Eagles can keep this winning streak alive for when they go against The Washington Commanders on this next Sunday. The Vikings just need  Cousins to spot when that blitz is coming and to trust his teammates with getting clean good blocks so he can keep making those swift passes to Adam Thielen. Hurts just need to keep doing what a great quarterback does which is scoring touchdowns.

Written By Vincent Felix Sauseda Jr.


ESPN: Jalen Hurts’ commanding performance matched by Philadelphia Eagles’ stingy defense in win over Minnesota Vikings


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