Jayadev’s Mantra Crew Is Charting Around the World With ‘Ganesh’ [Video]

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The drummer and founder of The Rubettes, John Richardson, the pop group is best known for their No. 1 worldwide hit “Sugar Baby Love” continues to make music.

Richardson continues to perform with the Rubettes with his band-mates Mick Clark and Steve Etherington. The band’s first original song “Let The Music In” signed to Sobel Nation Records, opened at number 17 on the North American Music Worx Dance Charts.

Richardson who is 72 years old,  also records music and that he has written under his alter ego Jayadev.

In 2018 Richardson contributed two songs to the Sobel Nation Record’s release “Sobel Promotions Presents Tears Aren’t Enough,”  which was a record where all proceeds went to charity.  One song was submitted under the name John Richardson, and the other Jayadev.

The label was given the new song by Jayadev’s  Mantra Crew’s new song called “Ganesh” and became so captivated by it, a record deal was immediately offered for the song.

Jayadev pondered the offer but had some conditions prior to signing with the label. He spoke with Barbara Sobel who owned the label regarding his simple demands.  Jayadev wanted to ensure the message of the song would not be changed nor would his beliefs.  Sobel agreed.

Shyama, Jayadev’s granddaughter was about to turn 13 years old and was asked what gift she wanted. The soon to be teenager asked for a song to be written and she could sing on it.

Jayadev, a  devotee of Hare Krishna for over 35 years, took connections from his love of India and the Hindu God’s when he wrote “Ganesh.”

Jayadev says “Ganesh” places the deity in his hierarchical position according to Vedic scriptures. This was demonstrated by the rap lyrics in the song:

Ganesh can dance, Ganesh can drum, he’s mighty strong, ‘cos he’s Shiva’s son. With his tusk, he removes the tree that blocks the way to eternity. He might seem strange, he might seem odd, but he clears the way so you can see God.

Jayadev’s goal with “Ganesh” is to spread the Holy Names of Krishna to an entirely new audience and bring Ganesh to the dance floor.

The song has a remix package from Billboard Remixers Spin Sista, Larry Peace, Thee Werq’n B!Tches, Victor Lowdown, Donny, OK James, and his Rubettes band-mate Steve Etherington.

Written By Barbara Sobel

Sobel Promotions/Sobel Nation Records 

Top Image Courtesy of Barbara Sobel/Sobel Promotions – Creative Commons License

Featured Image Courtesy of ShareAlike 4.0 International – Creative Commons License


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