Joe Biden’s Economy is Booming and the Right Wing Is Speechless

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Courtesy of Mostafa Mahmoudi (Unsplash CC0)

It is an enigma that President Joe Biden has not received effusive praise from the mainstream media. His accomplishments, compared to his predecessor, are beyond belief. This is the difference between a working president and a pretend president who was nothing but a ‘party boy.’

I hope that after today’s job report, they will finally offer Biden the deserved praise for his efforts to return America to normal.

Economists predicted that July would produce 250,000 new jobs. However, there were 528,000 men and women entering the workforce in the seventh month of 2022.

Donald Trump and his cult bragged about the economy over his four illegitimate years as pretend president. The truth is that it declined after his first year in office and the efforts of President Barack Obama had been completed. Foolish actions, including increased tariffs on imports, destroyed what was left of the recovery efforts of President Obama. When Trump ignored the facts about a probable health emergency in December of 2019, he put into place the beginning of another great recession. COVID-19 caused record unemployment, and with no government action to alter the situation, economic disaster was inevitable.

You might join me in asking one question: “Why didn’t the mainstream media, including television news, report the truth, and why are they not crediting President Biden for his efforts to restore our economy?”

Let me continue my promise that “the truth lives here.” There are 22.3 million millionaires in America, and a fluid count of 724 billionaires, making our nation the richest in the world if you are in the top seven percent of earners.

Courtesy of Petrebels (Unsplash CC0)

The men and women who sit in front of the television cameras on the evening news and the owners of those networks are millionaires, and some are billionaires. Who do you think they support?

In 1995, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes created Fox News. Their philosophy was that only one thing mattered if their fake-news network was to become profitable and succeed where other legitimate news networks had failed. Increased viewership would result in greater advertising revenue.

Sensationalism, for lack of a more inclusive word, encourages an increase in the number of viewers, and their goal is accomplished. The truth, and facts, were of no importance; only the emotional response to the stories offered by on-air personalities mattered. “Give the people what they want.” They succeeded and became the right-wing propaganda machine in 1995. Its goal to change America’s future had begun.

Soon, other once respected news agencies followed the lead of Fox. Profits became more important than people, and America became more of a business than a country. Money talks, and the truth suffers. The creation of plutocracy was in its beginning as the fourth estate surrendered to the ‘New America’ of the 21st century.

America was nearing its end, and this is no exaggeration. If the American people had not voted in record numbers in the 2020 election and Trump had been re-elected, the dreams of our Founding Fathers would have died with democracy.

I cannot lie, Biden was not my first choice to win the presidency in 2020, and I continue to believe that there were many Americans who voted against Trump, not necessarily for President Biden. However, he has achieved more than I believed possible. He is a leader, unlike his predecessor, and has accomplished great things for all Americans.

The jobs report is spectacular, but the truth is that although Biden faces Mitch McConnell’s ‘party of no,’ he has accomplished more in 20 months than I imagined.

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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