Kaniyah Shields’ Bio

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Hi, my name is Kaniyah Shields, I’m 16 years old. My bio is about things I like such as I like to dance, draw, make music, and play music. As a sports lover, I used to be on the girl’s basketball team but I transferred to a new school when the season for basketball was over. In my family, I have two brothers and two sisters.

Shields’ Favorite Stuff

My favorite colors are blue and purple even though I wear black more than any other color. I go to high school with my cousins now just to get a different experience of how it is to spend more time with your family than with friends. I’m quiet sometimes depending on the situation but I’m just pretty much chill. I change hairstyles a lot. Every two weeks I have a different hairstyle.

I love getting and buying myself new shoes such as Jordans, Designer, Uggs, and Timberlands. I just love spending time by myself and doing things for myself sometimes. I knew I was going to be a good dancer because when I was little. I would make up A dance off of any song I would hear and would remember it weeks later. But now that I’m older I’m able to make up a dance. This gives me the ability to teach my nieces and be able to do TikToks off what I taught them.

Try New Things

The older I get the more I understand how being by yourself sometimes is not bad. It’s actually ok to do, to rest and relax your body and also your mind. My birthday is in the month of November. This year I wanna go somewhere I’ve never been before just so I can try new things, such as going out and just having a chill day by myself without a lot of people around me. Because I feel like new adventures are good for people who want to visit and see new things around the world. And by the way, I am an intern at the new school.

By Kaniyah Shields


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