Kelly Henderson’s Bio

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Hi, my name is Kelly Henderson and I am 19 years old. Most of my friends call me Kellz or Coco. I love to do hair and make wigs, and also take pictures of not just me but others.

I am currently attending Malcolm X College for my GED, my scores were high enough that I was able to also attend the Beginning Nursing Assistant Program. Many may explain me to be outgoing, motivated, consistent, and helpful. I am outgoing because I try to make sure that everyone around me is good mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I am outgoing because I make it my duty to make sure I and everyone around me is reaching their goals. Being motivated explains me completely. I push myself/others to do, be, and want better. Furthermore, I push people to go harder even when they feel they can’t do it or it’s too hard.

Henderson’s Inspiration

My cousin is my motivation and inspiration because she came from where I’m from and has been through went I have. She’s more successful than the people that I know and am around.


She finished school and went to college. Once she graduated, she became a lawyer.

This inspires me because threw all the tough times and situations we were put in she never gave up her dreams or hope. It helps me to achieve my goal because I know no matter where you’re from or what you go through, you can achieve and do anything as long as you put in that work and think positively.

Current Aspirations

I am currently attending the St. Agatha The News School program to become a media entertainer and writer. What I’m looking for out of this program is how to expand my hair business as I know I can.

What I love to do in my free time is do my hair, dance, watch TV/movies, and watch kids. I love to do hair because when I’m feeling overwhelmed it’s like a peace of mind just like dance.

My favorite TV show is “Baddies West,” and my favorite movie is “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”

By Kelly Henderson

Images Courtesy of Kelly Henderson


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