Madonna’s ‘Medellin’ Does Not Make the Cut for BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2

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The last time Madonna put out new music was in 2014 with her album “Rebel Heart.” The album was the worst selling album over her career.

At the time, the BBC refused to add her music to their stations. At the time, 60-year-old Madonna screamed she was being discriminated against due to her age.

It should be noted, the BBC has added music by older artists such as Cher (72 years old), Tony Bennett (92 years old), and Barbra Streisand (76 years old.)

Recently, Madonna released “Medellin” her first song since 2014, which featured Columbian singer Maluma. Once again, it was left off of BBC Radio 1 and 2 in the UK.

The BBC also felt as if “Medellin” was not good enough to be added to A, B, or C playlists on the station.

An insider told the Daily Star that Madonna would be upset not being added to playlists on the BBC with her comeback single.

However, this should not be a surprise. Madonna could not realistically expect to be added to the BBC playlists half a decade after she was rejected.

Also, after the insulting statements Madonna made toward the BBC, it is doubtful her activities have been forgotten.

It is highly doubtful Madonna’s “Medellin” will be named the song of the week on Radio 1 or Radio 2. It is nearly impossible to get that title without actually be played on the radio station.

The BBC gave a statement to the Daily Star about the matter. They said:

The BBC stations decide which songs they will add to their playlists. That decision is based on their audience, and what songs they want to hear. No other criteria are used when making that decision.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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