Making Money vs Wasting Time on Facebook



Simply making their first dollar on Facebook could change a person’s outlook on how to use the site, more importantly, social media at large.

Are people okay with just scrolling, reading about other people’s problems, laughing and reacting to posts that are probably not that funny? If not, this article could be very beneficial, so be ready to take notes! This article could possibly open people’s minds to many different ideas on making money on the site, regardless of what field they are taking on in life right now.

Social media has significantly changed the world. It has influenced entrepreneurs to take the social media route in expanding and marketing their businesses.

According to Huffington Post, Facebook has become a huge waste of time and productivity when the users could, and should, be doing something of real value, rather than typing madly on the site. The paper also lists way to be more productive. For example:

  • Reading a book or reading online to further one’s education,
  • Improving their resume,
  • Learning a new language.

“There’s SO MUCH [sic] more to do in real life, the real world than destroy your brain cells with fleeting Facebook chatter and fake friends,” according to Bill Robinson.

Some strongly believe they can do most of those things Robinson stated on Facebook. This author agrees with the statement he made about people starting to find jobs, build businesses, put food on the table, and improving themselves on FB. Although this may be happening already, this is what Facebook should be. People should consider building businesses.

According to Post Planner, building and investing in apps could be a waste of time and will NEVER come to fruition, mostly because they just are not very good. Alternately, they should buy a ready-built app from a developer and use the money they save to market and advertise their business to target their audience.

If they have a business already, how they promote their business is very important. Giving away their own product or another prize related to their function could be an instant winner in attracting their audience to their products. The right reward captivates contest participants who are really attentive to their page & what their business has to offer. Relevant fans will always be more important than just number fans.

If they do not have a business and do not plan on starting one that is no excuse to not make money on FB, due to FB’s new feature that allows them to simply post items they are willing to sell on the site for the public to see. That includes the price, a brief description and the condition of the item, even pictures of the item. This feature is kind of how sites like eBay and Amazon are set up.

They can sell many things in groups that have the buy and sell feature turned on. They must be an admin of the group to turn the buy and sell group feature on or off. To Learn more about Group Admin Basics and the buy and sell feature go to Facebook help center and ask this question in the search bar, “How do I sell something in a Facebook buy and sell group?”

Hopefully, Robinson has opened minds and inspired people to use Facebook for more than simply an app to waste time and get through the day. There are plenty of ways to make money in this world yet many might not have thought about using Facebook.

Written by Davell Jackson
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Hamza Butt’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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