Michael Alig the Notorious ‘Club Kid’ Killer Dies

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The notorious “Club Kid” killer — Michael Alig — has passed away from a suspected drug overdose. Alig was found dead inside of his Manhattan, New York home early in the morning on Dec. 25, 2020.

Officers suspect he died due to a suspected heroin overdose. His boyfriend alerted police to the fact that he had done some heroin shortly before his death.

He was born in South Bend, Indiana, on April 29, 1966. He and James St. James co-founded the group called “Club Kids.”

In 1996, he killed his friend and dismembered his former drug dealer Andre Melendez. Alig served 17 years in prison. He was released roughly six years ago.

Supposedly he murdered his roommate — and friend — due to a drug debt.

AligHe was known as one of the leaders of the “Club Kids.” They were associated with the New York City’s club culture during the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1997, he plead guilty to killing Andre “Angel” Melendez. According to Alig, he and Robert “freeze” Riggs murdered Melendez. They then chopped up the body — before dumping the pieces into the Hudson River.

Despite his lack of access to a computer, Alig was able to maintain a social media presence while behind bars. According to Snopes, he would dictate his tweets to friends over phone calls.

His story was turned into a book and then a movie in 2003. The movie’s name is “Party Monster,” starring Macaulay Culkin as Alig. The book was released in 1998.

According to Aja Worthy-Davis — a spokesperson for the New York City medical examiner’s office — there has not been an official cause of death listed. Authorities are still investigating his death.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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